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  1. Cardnal
    The entire map was originally something I had made when I first got my hands on Halo 5, I became fascinated with the idea of what I could do on each map, I started sectioning off the maps in the game, which led to great ones like Volcano and Cavestruck.
    This map wasn't great to look at so I left it be and moved onto the new and improved MCC Forge after they began updating and fixing the game. Now I've returned to finish 4 total maps for Halo 5, this being the first!

    Built to look like the inside of a hotel, the wooden aesthetic lends nicely to the story within. An evacuation order has been sent out to citizens after an antifreeze implosion in the hotel led to a full-scale freeze over of the hotel and the surrounding area, spartans are all that's left inside.

    Most of the map remains the same with the exception of the cars being replaced with platforms and reworked to lean into the motions of combat. The power weapon is one of skill and strategy, the oddball skull! Players must use this to melee for attack or toss and hope they force the enemy player to catch giving you an opportunity to go in for the kill!
    Next to the skull is a suppressor
    Located on the map in a well-hidden but noticeable location is an active camo.
    Two sniper posts are on each side of the map with Halo 2 battle rifles stationed at both.
    All four base teams can be used without any problems.
    It's recommended to only play with 4 players however eight is a possibility for those who don't fear mayhem in its most potent form.





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