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4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. HIZLO
    Halo 2 remake of Lockout. A fan favorite map up-scaled to fit the mobility of Halo 5's combat. Feel free to Bookmark my map. My gamertag is HIZLO on Xbox Live. Thank you and enjoy!

    * I'm aware of the lens flare issue. However, lens flare has always been disabled. When I toggle it on then off it goes away in Forge. When I render the lighting again it looks perfect. After I save the map and load it into a custom game. The flare will be present once again. I've come to the conclusion it's a bug that needs to be addressed. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, if any.


Recent Reviews

    I would like to say this map is a horrible remake of Lockout, Blackout which compared to the original Lockout was not as good but still better than this. All kinds of sightlines are destroyed which is what made key pushes and plays on the OG Lockout important and with what you have done to this map is wrong and disrespects the original. Now if you had said the map was inspired by and made the changes more evident and more of your own map, it'd be another story but it looks like you took the map and forgot to place key walls that made certain plays occur. Overall it plays okay but it completely makes anybody looking for an actual remake of the OG and finding this upsetting as for people who remember playing the original. Like, there was never a man cannon, the bottom was never that open, there was never an overshield, just this is not something I would imagine playing a second time by choice.


  1. H0LLIW00D

    H0LLIW00D Legendary
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    WOW!!! looks great. nice job bud!!! cant wait to try this out. WOW!!
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  2. HIZLO


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    Thank you for the support H0LLIW00D. I greatly appreciate it.

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