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  1. Squally DaBeanz

    By Squally DaBeanz

    "This beach-side installation is further evidence of the Forerunners' mastery over their environment."

    Hinterlands is a large asymmetrical BTB map set in a cove where a small river meets the ocean. The map consists of three sections of natural terrain separated by a large central Forerunner structure. These three sections dictate the flow of Strongholds, as each section contains a point. Additionally, each of the three "towers" of the central structure has power over the two Strongholds adjacent to it.

    Each tower provides unique benefits for controlling it. The blue tower holds a Light Rifle to complement the open sightlines it has on the courtyard and river strongholds. The Monolith provides access to a kinetic Assault Rifle, a Needler, and quick access to the river and garden strongholds. The red tower provides a Sentinel Beam and quick access to the Incineration Cannon, as well as power over the garden and courtyard strongholds.

    To top everything off, a neutral Wasp can be found at the bottom of the central structure. Each team will want to either control or destroy the Wasp, as well as utilize their own vehicle set to control the towers around the map.

    Small tweaks have been made to the map.

    -Additional geometry and Forerunner assets added to tunnels under the towers and the main doorways of the "cathedral" structure.
    -Blue underglow bug has been fixed.
    -Animation scripts removed from Stronghold terminals.

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Recent Reviews

  1. D4rk D4rk
    After extensively playing this in lobbies... Hinterlands is easily one of the best BTB maps in Halo. Hinterlands looks amazing for a BTB map and plays strongholds exceptionally well. There is so much that works here, variety in areas, vehicles, weapons, and experiences. The flow is excellent as it takes you around, through, above, and below, all while staying connected to the battle. Hinterlands is a gem in the community that deserves a place in matchmaking and every BTB lobby. 11/10!


  1. D4rk

    D4rk Spartan II
    Forge Critic

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    Loved this when I played on it. Easily one of the better btb experiences. This map brings a strong presence to the btb front! Looks great too! You can tell you put care into everything you did on the map. I'm gonna play this in my lobbies for sure! I will have more to say about weapons in the future I think, however I saw no issues. A great map from a great forger!
  2. Tesseradical17

    Tesseradical17 ONI Agent

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    There's an easter egg on this map. And my god is it hard to find.
  3. Squally DaBeanz

    343 Industries Forge Critic

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    All my finished maps have multiple easter eggs :)
  4. Squally DaBeanz

    343 Industries Forge Critic

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    Squally DaBeanz updated Hinterlands with a new update entry:

    Small Update

    Read the rest of this update entry...

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