4v4 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. Behemoth
    Hey guys; today I bring you a new One-Flag map, Hilotres (He-low-trace).<br />Hilotres is a smaller flag map, but is meant for a standard 4v4. It also supports Team Slayer, and I'm going to add Territories to the mix soon (and will update the thread accordingly).<br />It s fast paced, and has some nice flanking routes and elevation.<br /><br />Now to explain some of the layout:<br /><br />If and when Blue comes plowing through the center room, they are forced down to the bottom floor of Red base. The bottom floor has two routes to the top: the long, sneaky stair well to the left, or the loud gravity lift to the right. However, the flag carrier can make the jump to the hallway on the opposite side by Blue base.<br />There are two side routes as well, which you'll see in the sreenshots.
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