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  1. Raptorxl98
    Hello lovely halo community,
    i present you my new map "Highlight" (more like a placeholder name).
    It´s inspired by the Halo: Reach campaign missions "Exodus" (Bullfrogs jetpack section) and "New Alexandria" (abandoned and slowly destroyed city).
    The map is set on the highest skyscrapers in this city which was destroyed by an attack of the covenant.

    Map details:
    Red Base:
    The Red Base are set in front of an (damaged) skyscraper and has two levels. The Red spawn is on the top and on you can find on the lower level the "red assault" base.
    Weapon spawns: Hydra (180 seconds), DMR, BR
    Vehicle spawns: Banshee (120 seconds)
    Blue Base:
    The Blue team spawns on the opposite of the red base. Its also set in front of a skyscraper and can be reached via structure 1.
    Weapons: Hydra (180), DMR, BR (structure 1)
    Vehicle: Banshee (120)
    Structures (main platform):
    Every structure or platform on the map can be reach over multiple ways. Structure 1 is connected to the blue base, Structure 2 and the blue platform.
    Structure 3 is connected to the red base, Structure 2 and 4.
    Structure 1 -> Blue Base, Structure 2, Blue platform
    Structure 2 -> Structure 1, Structure 3, Structure 7 (man cannon)
    Weapon spawn: Halo 2 BR
    Structure 3 -> Structure 2, Structure 4 (small one)
    Structure 4 -> Structure 3, Structure 5 / 6 (man cannon)
    Weapon: Carbine, Brute Plasmarifle
    Structure 5 / 6 -> Structure 4, Structure 7
    Weapons: Plasmapistol (top area), Grenade Launcher (lower area)
    Structure 7 -> Tilt Tower, Structure 8
    Weapon: DMR
    Tilt Tower -> Structure 5/6 (man cannon), Structure 7 (bridge), Structure 8 (man cannon)
    Weapons: 2x Sentinel BR, Kinetic BR, SPNKr Bazooka (180 seconds)
    Structure 8 -> Structure 7 (man cannon), Structure 9
    Weapon: Carbine
    Structure 9 -> Structure 7 (man cannon), Blue platform
    Weapon: Brute Plasmarifle
    Blue platform -> Structure 9, Structure 1
    Weapons: Plasmapistol (top area), Grenade Launcher (lower area)
    I hope its in some way understandable ^^
    There is also a tower in the middle and can be reached over some man cannon and normal jumps or with a banshee. On top of the tower spawns a wasp (120 seconds).
    Overshield: A overshield spawns on a bridge in the middle between Structure 1 and 2.

    Stronghold spawns: Tilt Tower, Structure 4 and 9
    Assault: Bomb spawns in the Tilt Tower

    Hydra: I struggled a Long time if i place a Laser or a Hydra in each base. In a few games the Splaser was a bit overpowered so i Switch that weapon to a Hydra. The Hydra can be very useful against the banshees and infantry but the limited range make that weapon not too overpowered.
    SPNKr: The Rocket Launcher spawns with four extra rounds.

    Grenade Launcher: The Grenade Launcher spawns with 6 shots. Its useful to takedown the Banshees with a precise EMP shot.

    Note: Its not the final status of the map (more like a beta) and please tell me about some issues / bugs and mistakes.
    Thank you very much for your time and have a great day! :)

    Side note: Download the newest map Version "Highlight" from my bookmarks (Author: WeiserBrutalo84)

    Used prefabs: "ODST Skyscraper" GT: MythicFritz
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