High Rise

4v4 Grifball

Map Description

  1. CT X8
    High Rise
    Since the hammer storm update has come out the map is fully functional, ideal for grifball. Through extensive testing the map has been run through process.

    The size feels very similar to traditional Grifball, using elevated sides whilst blending with the environment, setting the atmosphere for what feels like Grifball but in what could be identified as a city plaza.

    Grifball is now fully functioning on the map and I intend to continue with its support. Check out my YouTube channel for a better look into the map.
    Hope to bring more exciting content varying from core game content, too mini games!

    I intend to make the odd adjustment with the cinematic cameras being adjusted.

    Created by me, CT X8
    (can also be found as an older edit known as simply Grifball arena or plaza)
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