1. Weapon changes, Framerate issues fixed, Added Strongholds, Changed spawning mechanics

    no god anywhere
    With the first update come basic repairs and changes so that the map is up to playable quality.

    Fixes and additions:
    -*Framerate issues fixed
    -Strongholds mode is now added
    -CTF and FFA work properly
    -Overshields now spawn on the back wall of each side
    -Spawning has been adjusted to work as followed:

    • Strongholds and Slayer use spawn zone weighting to avoid random spawning but allow it if necessary. (Please tell me how this works for you.)
    • Ctf uses spawn zones to turn off spawning of each team on their opponents side.
    Weapons and Powerups:
    2 Overshield: 3 min

    Weapon Pad - Rockets 3 min

    3 Min Respawn - 30 Sec despawn
    -2 Sniper
    -2 shotgun

    30 Sec Respawn - 30 Sec Despawn
    -2 BR
    -2 Carbine
    -2 Storm Rifle
    -2 Plasma Pistol
    -2 Needler

    If you have any concerns or feedback, PLEASE share it with me so i can make the appropriate changes.
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