Hidden Palace Zone Race

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  1. Shiningdragon7X
    Race map based off the unreleased lost zone from The Sega Genesis game Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The map takes place in an underground network of caverns, filled with waterfalls and crystals. Players descend down a tube which leads to the main cavern, filled with stalactites and stalagmites with pulsing green gems, as well as waterfalls and an underground lake. Players then race through various tunnels filled with potential hazards to get back to the top level. Some of the hazards include a narrow emerald bridge, small floating platforms to bounce across, as well as fire breathing t-Rex Badnik robots known as Redz, the Badnik being infamously exclusive to Hidden Palace Zone.

    It takes 12 points to complete 3 laps.

    *Please note, due to the bouncing and vertical dropping in some of the hazards on the track, there is no guarantee that you will always end up facing forward after the hazards. I've done extensive testing, and I'd say its about 80 percent of the time you will land in the correct position and be able to continue at full speed immediately. I advise not completely holding forward when you descend down the tunnel chute, to avoid potential unwanted rotation. Please don't discourage the map from these minute issues, and enjoy the aesthetics and gameplay as a whole.
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