1v1 Slayer

Map Description

  1. WaiHo
    This is my map submission for the Smackdown 1v1 contest. It is an asymmetrical map that has multiple powerweapons/powerups on it.
    Weapons:<br />BR's<br />Carbines<br />Plasma grenades<br />Frag grenades<br /><br />Sniper rifle (1 spare clip) 120 sec<br />Overshield: 90 sec<br />Speedboost: 60 sec<br />Plasma pistol: 120 sec dynamic
    Video: http://xboxclips.com/Obi+Wai+Kenobi/0355f554-4a3e-4f70-b728-720a87075faa

    Download: Campaign leaderboards timed run: Halo 2: High Charity: Easy Solo: Time: 0:05:16 (rank: around 1890)<br />Gamertag: Obi Wai Kenobi


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