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  1. ReinaStorm
    Delta Halo is still largely unexplored. Installation 05 still holds Covenant armaments that were quickly abandoned during the Great Schism.

    These ruins lie in wait for another to come wander their halls and courtyards.

    Based on some Halo 2 Anniversary concept art, I wanted to build a Delta Halo themed Extermination map.
    I love me some Delta Halo.

    This is the concept art I based my map on.
    I stayed close to the original feel and look while taking a spin on the skybox outside the map.

    (There was no way I could get a see of trees to look good like it does in the concept art.)

    The direction and flow of the map is broken up by some ruins and rocks, but stays open enough to allow Extermination to flow smoothly.
    Vines and foliage hang on the walls, and from rocks and pillars.
    Locked doors peak curiosity as to where they may lead.
    An upper path that wraps up into the hills out of reach still holds Shade turrets and some leftover Covenant tech.

    A Fuel Rod Cannon resides in the center of the map, evenly positioned between both teams spawns.
    A Carbine is placed near each team's spawns.
    An SMG (Projection sight) rests on the stone walkway and in the caves.
    A Brute Plasma Rifle rests in the Alley and near the dual doors in the grassy area.
    2 Plasma Grenades rest in front of the main door and 2 in front of the relic pillar in the back.

    This map is complete and ready for combat.
    As matches ensue in this open courtyard, please keep in mind any feedback that may help the map play better and smoother.

    Thank you for checking out Heritage!


  1. ArturBloodshot

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    It seems making Forge maps based on old Halo concept art is becoming popular haha :)

    OT: Nice pick for a Delta Halo theme! But... Idk... I just don't feel very convinced.
    I have followed your work Reina and you have great potential, you had created amazing and beautiful remakes/inspired maps, but I think you fell short on this one.
    I know that "remaking" that concept will be difficult, maybe impossible (that vegetation tho) but of what you tried to rescue of that image it's barely alive in the final product. The geometry of the structures is too primitive and too plain, it just looks out of context while being surrounded by organic/natural elements and, at some areas, with actual aged pieces. Big open areas are the antithesis of a balanced Extermination map, I suggest to examine that. I know the budget will be a problem, but I think the concept of the map requieres less use of skybox and outside scenery and more detail inside the actual map: maybe use the natural pieces to merge within the layout and tweak the geometry and aesthetics with that natural entropy feeling.
    Personally, I love Delta Halo, H2 architecture is very emotional for me and I would love to see a more touching resemblance of that ambience.
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  2. Ryouji Gunblade

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    The jungle theme is pretty impressive. Because of how bright the ruins are, I wonder if you could (with invis lights) make the sunlight "bounce" off the floor and light up more of the jungle.

    Edit: I'd like to add that those invisibly blocked ledges are really tempting. I don't know how to design around that unfortunately. And I still hate the forced lens flares on certain lights with a passion.
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