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    Heorot is the third and final map in my "Norsetermination" trilogy, the first being Helheim and the second being Yggdrasil. The concept of the map pack originated with Helheim, which was designed to be an inverse of Valhalla...The concept being that somewhere in the Halo universe there are other forerunner structures that humans have named after norse mythology. I approached each map as a loose interpretation of a location within norse legends, while still keeping it somewhere in the Halo 5 forerunner universe.

    The name Heorot is taken from a mead hall described in Beowulf as the "foremost of halls under heaven". It was the drinking hall of the king Hrothgar and it is where Beowulf defeats Grendel. It is a departure from Helheim and Yggdrasil in the sense that both of those maps were based on realms in Norse cosmology and this is based on a specific location. Let me tell you though...if you thought Yggdrasil was tough to pronounce, it only gets harder from there. I liked the name and the concept, so I designed the map around the idea of some great hall.

    The map features a damage boost and a scattershot, and also has a sentinel beam as a secondary power weapon. Pickups include 2 boltshots, 2 tactical magnums and a variety of grenades.

    You may have encountered part 1 and 2 in the recent Extermination playlist, but in my opinion this is probably the best of the three maps. I'm releasing it now in a BETA stage, so feel free to let me know what you think of it and I'll gladly consider your feedback.

    I'd write more about the map, but the more of these I make the more burned out I get on talking about maps. It's a map. You kill people on it. It's pretty fun.



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    Good to see it finished bud!
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    Thanks dude! I appreciate your feedback on it so far
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