8v8 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Ivan Diaz
    "The weather report: Ligth rain and stukas"

    Inspired in the map from battlefield 1 but with a ww2 ambience.

    Both teams spawns in remote areas, from there, they have access to teleporters, planes and weapons, there are 2 planes for each team that respawn in 40 seconds, and from each team there are 2 weapon platafform, one with a dmr, and the other a modified grenade launcher that shoots sniper bullets (to act like a bolt action rifle). The teleports conducts the teams to the bases in each side of the map. In these bases there are two additional teleports that works as an emergency exit if enemy team push into the base, and for the last there are weapons like rockets launchers and gauss canyon to face the aerial attacks.

    The map has two areas, the town where players can hide from air attacks and ambush vehicles and the clear area of the cliff and the beach that leads to the blue team base where the vehicular battle will be more chaotic.
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