Headhunter Classic on HH Tranquility

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  1. CHa0s
    Headhunter Classic is a true-to-the original remake of the gametype found in Halo: Reach. Co-scripted by AddiCt3d 2CHa0s and Yumudas Beegbut, this version is installed on CHa0s' Ghost in the Shell map contest submission. Features exploding skulls on kills, and roaming score hills that show you how many skulls you are carrying. Players can carry a maximum of 10 skulls and can see how many skulls others carry. When a player dies, he drops all the skulls he was carrying, plus one - his own.

    Headhunter is currently available on two maps, both listed here at Forgehub. This video was filmed on the other version but explains how the gametype works.
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    CHa0s updated Headhunter Classic on HH Tranquility with a new update entry:

    New Headhunter Features, Bug Fixes

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