Havok Castle


Map Description

  1. Havok Brah
    Set in the Barrens desert. You begin outside of the castle, surrounded by rocks and pillars. Find a way inside and make your way to the top of the castle to call in a phantom for evac.

    Map has a higher object count than I'd like but plays well. I feel I still have much work to do on this map.

    -Switches activate with a waypoint after enough time passes.
    -Weapons are present throughout the map and get heavier as you get closer to the top.
    -Zombies receive Covenant vehicles with waypoints as survivors activate switches*
    - 1 kill = 1 point
    - Survival = 100 points
    (Achieved by surviving the whole time limit or reaching the extraction point at the end)

    -Use with any game mode tagged "Havok Castle" in my files.-
    I recommend trying "The Flood V3" game mode first.
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