HAS-03 (Heavy Armored Scorpion Version 3)

Map Description

  1. TrepidNiNjaZ3r0
    I forgot to record the object count, my bad; It shouldn't be too much.

    This is inspired by real world LAV tanks. Just to note, this doesn't actually have seats to store players. This is just a prop. The reason it's version 3 is due to that i had made 2 other prototypes before the 3rd one. It was originally suppose to have an interior, but it was too awkward looking; Looked like a dumpster truck, lol.

    It comes in different varieties, such as:

    (Before dropping, set to normal physics.) (DRIVE BACKWARDS)

    *If you search in the Halo 5 file share, just look up my GT "Odinkaar".
    The download link is for the Standard version.
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