4v4 Custom

Map Description

  1. Max Extra
    Harbinger is one of the core maps for the Extermination game type. It features a tight symmetric map designed for fast action filled game play. Teams of four start opposite each other and can choose any of the three routes offered off spawn. From there they quickly come face to face with the opposing team and the fight to Exterminate the other team begins.

    The top route, sneaky, is a some what skill based clamber immediately off spawn and while comes with the chance of falling for failing to crouch jump offers players the quickest way to camo at the start of the round and a solid position for players moving towards BR at the risk of being exposed from the jump up opposite you.

    the bottom route, tunnels, gives you the best weapons for close quarters battle and allows players to get in to the quickest positions for flanking the team. While it offers a lot of cover from the other two lanes, players can find their advances quickly cut off by a well placed splinter grenade due to the narrow doors.

    The out side route, ramps, is the most common route instantly putting you into a fire fight with the opposing players and allowing your team set the tone of the match. From the top of ramps players can choose to make the jump or CE grenade throw for the scatter shot or move up the hill for the power up and control of top mid. Pistol fights usually lead straight to a BR duel here and a push for control begins.

    For the support players the 2 jump access to windows give you a clear view of both sneaky and ramps and allows you to put suppressing fire down while also keeping tabs on you radar for those flanking through tunnels. Window gives you the drop on any approaching enemies from tunnels with superior height and a better warning.

    The map contains for intricacies paths and routes, and as you play you can begin to find them.


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