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  1. Ishto 'Sukule
    HALO is an open world aesthetic map set on Installation 04.

    The map has multiple locations to explore along with many details outside of the map such as the Forerunner Pylons. The map can be used for Machinima, or a territory war between clans or friends. There are many weapons across the Installation to take out and counter enemy vehicles.

    Also, everything within the map can be accessed by foot. There are a few mountain climbs within Forge World.

    • Each structure on the map had their own designers.

    • The Forerunner Pylons were made by CleanserOfNoobs and was assisted by SpartanJess 000.

    • The Citadel near the waterfall was built by me, Ishto Sukule and I was assisted by both Cleanser and Phe0nix Uprise.

    • The UNSC Camp was forged by me, Ishto Sukule.

    • The Forerunner Light Bridge was forged by CleanserOfNoobs and Phe0nix Uprise with a few addons from me.

    • The Terrain, rocks/trees, was done by Phe0nix Uprise.

    Hope everyone enjoys the map! It was a big open world project that I wanted to have done on MCC Reach.

    To Download the map, log-in to MCC. Open up your roster and click your name and then press search player. (Not a lot of people know how to search others names on MCC. Thought I'd give a hand there.)

    My first map trailer for HALO

    My second map trailer for HALO

Recent Reviews

  1. Had fun working on this map. Beautiful sight lines, classic forunner vibes and all around fun to explore.


  1. TimotheosFraser

    TimotheosFraser Recruit

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    It's beautiful! And the added videos are fantastic. Wish I had time to make expansive maps like this.
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  2. Ishto 'Sukule

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    Believe it or not I believe all of this was done in a day. Thanks to the others I was able to finish the map.

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