8v8 Breakout

Map Description

  1. FouFromage
    GT: FouFromage

    Map: Halo
    Mode: Mongoose Hunt (Breakout)
    *Make sure Infinite Ammo is turned on. Halo likes to change my game modes without asking.*

    I bring you a remake of a classic Mongoose Hunt (Open Season, Halo on Halo, etc.) map for everyone to enjoy. While I was not fortunate enough to be playing Halo 3 at the time these customs roled around, I took it upon myself to recreate a simple but fun map.

    1 player spawns red (the sniper) while the rest spawn blue (the drivers). The drivers are to race around the track. If they reach the end platform, they must exit their mongoose and take the teleporter to the sniper tower. Once there, they will be able to pick up a sniper rifle and attempt to kill the red player to win.

    Red player, simply... haha... snipe all of the drivers, or let them fall to their death to win.

    Small tweaks to the visuals my happen as time goes on, but the layout of the track seems to be set in stone.

    If ANYTHING needs to be changed or updated, please let me know.

    I plan to make more of these maps soon, forge bugs willing.

    Thank you for your feedback and enjoy!



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