Halo Crossy Road 3 Space


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  1. AngelitoCO
    Halo Crossy Road 3 Space
    Caution! Care to look both ways before crossing

    A fun map to play with friends
    Supports 16 players no matter the team you can still try and reach to the end of the map. To play with Crossy Roads

    There are different obstacles on the course and you'll have to use some trick jumps to reach to the end, there a pelican waiting for the first player to arrive and give him the victory..

    There is something different in this map, almost at the end of the map, there's a button that gives you a checkpoint (everyone will have a chance to spawn there), when you get there beware, if you choose to press the button its going to be more difficult to end the game because everyone is going to be in your way, but victory is closer...

    • Speeding wasp
    • Speeding rocks
    • land mines
    • launchers
    • Moving platforms
    • Killer 16x16 black blocks
    • ...
    Warning ⚠ This map difficulty can be more frustrating than the last Halo Crossy Road map due to more random events. I'm not responsable for you not being patient

    • Temporary rock stuck fix
    • Now you'll have a chance to spawn almost at the end if player up front decides to press the button
    • I'm always be looking for ways to improve the map

    I'm open to hear your ideas or suggestions...

    Enjoy... :)
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  1. ZombieDyer

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    There's 3 of these now?
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  2. AngelitoCO

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    Yes I think it going to be the last one
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