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    Halo CE is the map title, when playing this map you will immediately recognize what is being recreated. I got the inspiration while playing MCC and playing the level "halo" and after reaching Sargent Johnson's squad and defending them I realized the potential of (hopefully) a great map. Its a Big team battle map and is very fun to play on my recreation stays true to some of the designs of the level while having some different elements here and there. I have had this map play tested many times and most everyone that has played it said they've been hit with nostalgia from the main structure to the blink blue lights while leaving each base. It supports all 3 of the main btb game modes, I hope you give it a look and love it

    Please note: this is not a copy of the map vestige
    From my understanding vestige is a remake of the halo reach firefight map, mine is a remake of the first encounter on the level halo

    if you wish to download it add the gamer tag: HUSKYLAPPER16

Recent Reviews

  1. This map idea has serious potential. This is a very iconic area of the Halo: CE campaign, and pays tribute to Halo's great legacy. The forerunner structures and architecture could perhaps use some more color or lighting variation for flavor (even though yes, I know the original ones in the campaign were pretty much one solid color). Overall, a solid remake.


  1. Octuplepuma

    Octuplepuma Spartan II

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    why so much fog?...
  2. Ryouji Gunblade

    Ryouji Gunblade Spartan II

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    You should probably tone down the fog, but I love what you did with the Forerunner structures.
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    HUSKYLAPPER16 Spartan II

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    HUSKYLAPPER16 updated Halo CE with a new update entry:

    Halo CE 1.2

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