8v8 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. Raptorxl98
    Greenland is a huge 8v8 map (inspired by "Reactor" from Halo: Online) with two main bases at each side, two smaller bases in front of the main base and a rocket launcher room in the middle.

    The map is pretty simple. You can drive across the street to reach the other side of the map, use the catwalk to be safe from an enemy splatter or go straight across the middle.

    There is also two bridges which connected the two sniper bases with the catwalk.

    A main part of the map are the four warthogs ( one on each main base and sniper base) and the sword warthogs under the Bridge.

    Power weapons:
    Shotgun (each side on the lower area of the sniper base)
    Sniper (each side on top of the sniper base)
    SPNKr (middle, yellow room)
    Sword (middle, catwalk)
    Grenade Launcher (Main Base)
    Railgun (Main Base)

    Warthog (each main & sniper base)
    Sword Warthog (under each Bridge near the middle)
    Mongoose (each main base)
    Scorpion (each Base)
    Ghost (behind yellow room)

    CTF changes:
    The straight way between each sniper base is locked. So you have to carry the flag around the map.


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