Green Hill Raid

4v4 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. Sword of Malnok
    The iconic rolling green hills that are home to a popular blue hedgehog are now the home to the chaos that is Husky Raid. The hills will be red tonight.

    Made for the Forgehub Husky Raid contest.


  1. agony ZENITH

    agony ZENITH Spartan I

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    Tidal is perfect for this, looks awesome!
    Love the sega sonic games so I'll probably love this too.
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  2. ZombieDyer

    ZombieDyer Spartan II

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    I think this looks stunning. Also, a word of advice (if you want to win) I would make a second map that doesn't have a copyrighted ip as the main theme as they're probably gonna wanna put the winners in matchmaking.

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