Gravitas 77

1v1 Slayer

Map Description

  1. icyhotspartin
    Rescaled version of Gravitas (v8) for the 1v1 contest related - please test it out (no AR, no motiontracker settings) and send your questions and concerns!

    This map is being submitted to the 1v1 contest today!
    new download link:

    - Carbine
    - Gunfighters
    - 4shot Hydra (single reload animation for whole mag)
    - Speedboost

    unfortunately had to remove the PlasmaBR, far too overpowered, even if it was a cool tradeoff

    Any feedback, please focus on:
    smoothness of art/floors/stairs/clambers
    flow and pace of gameplay
    weapons and spawns - custom weapons are interesting, but need to be better balanced, please let me know how they perform!

    Currently running two custom weapons:
    - Req2 Plasma Pistol mated BR - 1 clip because 2shot kill at short-mid distance, projectile makes it a good stripper at longer distances, use the ammo wisely
    - Req2 Plasma Caster mated Rockets - 2 clips because it's tough to use, but powerful when used smartly - there is no cluster fire, only a twin plasma grenade launch



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