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1v1 Slayer

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  1. icyhotspartin
    Literally 2.5 hours late at night. It'll work for 1s and 2s, maybe even a crazy version of 4s!

    Alpha version, so something with more detail and lighting/dynamic elements will be coming soon, with the scripting expertise of @ExTerrestr1al

    Pickups include:

    Extended Mag Magnum
    Gunfighter Magnum
    Plasma Pistol
    2 Recon DMRs
    2 Damage Boost
    3 Speed Boost

    Extremely small map - limited spawns - look for easter eggs!
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  1. fame28

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    This is a cool idea, but an Enterprise in the sky and a small ship on the ground would be cool to use as aesthetics. They could use the teleporter, but it looks cooler with the Star Trek stuff in the environment.
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  2. icyhotspartin

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    Yes - the plan right now is to incorporate the Shuttlecraft into the map, having it land in the most open area and bringing some weapon partway thru the map
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