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    THIS IS NO ORDINARY GOLF! Overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, hit golf shots, and defeat bosses in this adventure game. This is a direct sequel to the 5 level series Golf World Adventure (GWA) on Halo 4 and the 10 level Golf World Challenge (GWC) series on Halo Reach. Play with 1-4 players coop, same team, and you must use the Golf World Quest gametype.

    If you beat the level, please bookmark your theater video and let me know. It will give me feedback and I can use that on my future maps.

    This is planned to be a trilogy, but it will probably take a few months to complete each map as I’m quite busy.


    After defeating the Coastal Guardians, you and your Spartan troops make your way out to sea. Directly in your path are the docks and cargo platforms leading to the infamous Pirate Passage and Golf Island. However, the dreaded pirate ship Greenskull owns these territories. You will not get out without a fight. The Greenskullers have summoned the Kraken Squid Loaf to block you. They have also set up traps on the vast islands, volcano, and cave nearby. Navigate the treacherous docks, stop the Kraken Squid Loaf, make your way to the main isle, solve the numerous mysteries of Golf Island, and send the Greenskull to the bottom of the sea!


    - First, solve the puzzles and obstacles to get to the tee areas!

    - For hitting golf shots, it is best to stand still. Looking further down at the ball will hit it higher and looking up at the ball will hit it lower. Note that lag can cause the ball to not go straight, but only if you hit the ball directly with the club. In this case, take a few steps back, swing, and hit in front of the ball and it will go straight. You should be spending most of your time on getting the correct height. If you have friends in the game, have them spot and guide you.

    - You may have to look and think a little, but it shouldn’t be too cryptic on where you need to hit the ball. The zoom function will help out. You will know when you have made a good shot (although be patient) and you can proceed in the map.

    - In the puzzle sections, you will have to look and interact with things similar to other puzzle levels on this site. Some parts are non-linear.

    - Constructive comments are welcome especially if you find flaws not mentioned above. Enjoy!


    - The Halo puzzle community is a fairly small niche, compared to the typical slayer games. Thanks for all those who have made maps as I have learned from them (especially scripts from Squid Loaf’s maps although mine are fairly basic).

    - A huge thank you to the peeps who created prefabs. They are all now modified, but here are the larger prefab authors:
    Pirate Ship- CaptainDireWolf
    Skull- lemmingscanfly
    Volcano- DEADLYNESS500
    Beach Island- Pureeey
    Tiki Bar- Raptor086
    Cranes- GamerPeepFreaks, CryingLegends, DEATHWEAPONxx
    Sea Rock- ReclaimerX22

    - My video skills are lacking. If anyone is wiling to compile a video on YouTube, that would be great. I have some DVRs, but haven’t quite figured out how to compile them, make ‘em fancy into a trailer video.

    - My frustration with the phantom script bug almost caused me to quit my first map after 40+ hours into forge and I had to start over, but I’m glad I followed through. Now this map exists and the Monitor’s Bounty Update is amazing and fixed a lot of bugs. Thank you for the continued support over the multiple Halo games which has inspired me to make the Golf World series.

    - The Mainstreamers are hilarious and really passionate about what they do. I was certainly motivated to keep forging despite my busy schedule after watching their awesome streams. I really hope they get to enjoy this map some day.
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  1. Me and my friends play alot of parkour and puzzle maps but this series has been one of my favourites. We've only completed the first to and despite 1 break in the 2nd they have both beengreat fun. Well done


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    Here is a brief guide to the level, but I highly recommend you use only if you are really stuck. Note that this doesn't cover everything, but it does go over some of the more tricky sections.

    FOR ANY GOLF SHOTS, read the above advice. Ultimately, you have to slowly adjust altitude and angles until you get it. Have a friend spot and guide you where possible. Due to lag, hit BEFORE the ball to ensure a straight shot. Sometimes if you hit the ball directly it will go anywhere but straight. More details above.

    Search for a weapon and something you can shoot. Look for support beams to fully climb the first structure. There are weapons on top. Go to the first of the colored bridges and look up where the golf decal is located. Shoot the red switch to release golf balls. Patiently push a golf ball to the grav lift at the end to raise the bridge.

    Once you reach the Kraken, you have to hit it in his nose. He only shoots a kill ball on one side so you can have a friend guide your shot while you slightly adjust.

    - The biggest piece of advice for driving the curved pipes is to take a slow, but steady approach.

    - In the blue section, look for a bright beam in the water before the shield. Jump into and it and activate the insignia at the top.

    - On the green mongoose section, drive into the launcher slowly (will probably take a few tries) to get max distance. Jump out of the mongoose when over the small green island.

    - On the purple mongoose section (definitely the hardest), in the middle of the purple pipes is a sub-checkpoint if you can reach the platform in a mongoose. Make sure to find a way in the pipes to raise the final purple pipe. Again, a slow and steady driving approach is the best tactic.

    -The final missile section on mongoose just takes practice. Drive in the first set of pipes (make sure to come out slowly) and then on top of the second ones. Only rush it when necessary.

    You have to find 3 crabs on the island. For each one you find, you can place them on their respective color podium to open the golf shots.

    YELLOW- On top of rock near middle of island

    RED- In palm tree below the red tees

    BLUE- In a secret passage under the bar. Look for a green soda can and interact with it. This will open the passage way under the bar.

    - After hitting the golf shots, your ultimate goal is to find a whale, the grunt, and the pig and BBQ them on the main island. This will open access to the volcano.

    PIG: This is a heavy jumping section. You must climb the crane fully to make the jump to the cargo loader and then to the sea rock. Continue until you find a pig.

    GRUNT: You can cling to the bottom of the green vines. Carefully jump your way across. The white vines force you along. Shoot the mines while moving to temporarily remove the obstacle. This one is a bit tricky and will just take some practice. Make sure to jump at the very end. Climb the island a bit and look for a stone area with a fire and some grunts. Take the big grunt, and smack the little one for good measure.

    WHALE: In the cave, you must locate two plants that are NOT currently in the greenery and return them there. One is on top of an arch, you have to jump from the roof of the greenery to start the jumping sequence. The other is behind the destructible rock wall. On the stalactite jumping section, start as high as you can. On the last bouncing section, make sure you use thrust before your last bounce on some of the jumps.

    VOLCANO- Once accessible, bounce on the springs. Push in the direction of the each spring in order to make it; you may have to carefully use thruster pack.

    Hit the red target on the sails to destroy them. Then hit the red dot that appears on the Greenskull. Finally, the middle pipe opens. Hit your final shot in that and interact with the crab that appears.
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