Golf World Quest 1: Coastal Crisis


Map Description

  1. AsinineDefiler

    Overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, hit golf shots, and defeat bosses in this adventure game. This is a direct sequel to the 5 level series Golf World Adventure (GWA) on Halo 4 and the 10 level Golf World Challenge (GWC) series on Halo Reach. Play with 1-4 players coop, same team, and use the Golf World Quest gametype.

    If you beat the level, please share your theater video. It will give me feedback and I can use that on my future maps.

    This is planned to be a trilogy, but it will probably take a few months to complete each map as I’m quite busy.


    You and your Spartan troops awaken in a coastal prison cell—left to drown in the rising tide. You have no idea how you got there. Your see several nearby structures, but the only way back to your main base is off the coast across the lake. Your sensors indicate a nearby power generator, an old cabin, an active cargo system, and some military vehicles. This is also known to be the home of the infamous Coastal Guardians--tread carefully. Escape your prison cell, activate any nearby power, investigate the abandoned cabin, navigate the cargo system, and escape the coast!


    - First, solve the puzzles and obstacles to get to the tee areas!

    - Looking up, looking down, running forward (pretty much any movement) will have an effect on how the golf ball travels when you hit it. Lag can cause issues sometimes, try hitting behind the ball and this seems to fix it.

    - You may have to look and think a little, but it shouldn’t be too cryptic on where you need to hit the ball. The zoom function will help out. You will know when you have made a good shot (although be patient) and you can proceed in the map.

    - In the puzzle sections, you will have to look and interact with things similar to other puzzle levels on this site. Some parts are non-linear.

    - Constructive comments are welcome especially if you find flaws not mentioned above, although it’s possible I attempted a solution that just didn’t work out (I absolutely HATE the phantom scripts bug btw, I had to start the entire map over…) Enjoy!


    - The Halo puzzle community is a fairly small niche, compared to the typical slayer games. Thanks for all those who have made maps as I have learned from them (especially scripts from Squid Loaf’s maps although mine are fairly basic).

    - I can’t remember who I downloaded some of the prefabs from, but thank you very much!

    - My video skills are lacking. If anyone is wiling to compile a video on YouTube, that would be great. I have some DVRs, but haven’t quite figured out how to compile them, make ‘em fancy into a video.

    - My frustration with the phantom script bug almost caused me to quit after 40+ hours into forge and I had to start over, but I’m glad I followed through. A specific thanks to Bul1etCatcher for co-forging some previous Golf World maps and bringing some awesome ideas to the table. Thank you to the overall community for the support over the years which has inspired me to continue the Golf World series.

Recent Reviews

  1. ZombieDyer ZombieDyer
    Atmosphere ****
    Immersion *****
    Detailing ***
    Creativity *****
    Concept *****
  2. Finally, someone has ended the drought of puzzle and parkour maps on forgehub haha, and with a great map too.

    This map is a ton of fun. It has a great variety of puzzles, obstacles, skill-based challenges and parkour. I can't wait for the next one, nice job!


  1. thrillerkillers

    thrillerkillers ONI Agent

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    this looks sweet, I look forward to playing soon
  2. AsinineDefiler

    AsinineDefiler Legendary
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    Great, hope you enjoy it. There are some challenging parts for sure, but it is certainly not the hardest map out there. Not sure if there is a way to share your theater file or if there is some way for others to view it. Seems like they stripped that file sharing feature from Halo 5.

    It used to be a great way to get feedback. I primarily use it to see what others are thinking so I can A.) make updates if necessary and B.) use it on my future maps.

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