4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Ivan Diaz
    "Please dont order bat soup"

    Both teams spawn in docks outside of the restaurant, the restaurant has 3 levels.
    Each level has a fortress and respawns distributed.
    In addition to the two stairs in the central area of the restaurant, the levels can be accessed either by jumping from the boats parked on the docks or by using some of the tiles.

    Special thanks to Starkey213036, he helps me with the beams of light and some aesthetic details.


  1. ArturBloodshot

    ArturBloodshot Spartan II
    Forge Critic

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    Loving the aesthetics, overall a great job from yours. I see you like urban environments. But from reading your descriptions, one thing I see wrong is destinating all the spawns to the first floor. Respawns should cover all levels and all areas so it doesn't become a fishing barrel. Also, arrange the strongholds to all the levels so players need to rotate throughout the map and doesn't become a static gameplay. :evil:
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