8v8 Slayer

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  1. Terferkda
    Famine, a recently discovered planet in the outer section of the UNSC's explored area of space, is said to be the embodiment of despair. All scientific data collected has resulted in the hypothesis that the planet has annihilated any natural life-form that attempts to grow on it's surface, yet reasoning as to why or how is still unclear. Many species have ventured to Famine, some hoping to find new precious elements, others simply seeking asylum. But Famine's disdain for life has always prevailed over the invaders...

    ...what an exceptional setting for a training exercise or two.

    Glade is compatible with:
    Big Team Assault
    Big Team CTF
    Big Team Slayer
    Big Team Strongholds

    2 Ghosts
    2 Warthogs
    2 Wasps
    2 Mongooses
    1 Sword Wraith

    Big thanks to @D4rkDeath for helping us understand Big Team Battle methodology and for his over all support and guidance on this project.

    Special thanks to the members of F-Con and @TimeDipper for helping with playtesting sessions and feedback.


  1. I MetaBreaker I

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    Looks pretty sweet.
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  2. Terferkda

    Terferkda ODST

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    Thank you. :)
  3. D4rkDeath

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    It’s an interesting map and fun to play on. The spawning needs some work, the bases lack color, and there are significantly too many pieces that cause performance issues. I would suggest finding ways to reduce piece count on the bases and giving them some texture. Quite a few pieces are a 2 thickness that are doubled to make a 4 thickness, which could be one piece. Heavy optimization is needed with the bases and terrain. The map has some interesting routes, but doesn’t really find its place outside of team slayer. The pipe strongholds are too close together which deters players from trying to hold the middle when they can just hold the two close strongholds in the pipes. CTF struggles to utilize the map given that it is a clear straight shot through the middle base to base. Assault suffers from the same issues, but uses the clear cut pathing base to base. It’s a fun idea and is a fun play, but has a ways to go before the map is utilized for game modes outside of slayer. Sorry if this sounds so negative, I’m truly offering valuable feedback toward helping making a decent map great. Keep up the work guys!
  4. Terferkda

    Terferkda ODST

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    Thanks for the feedback, we've been working all weekend to enhance the map according to the criticism we've had! :)

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