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  1. Yami
    This map was inspired by the classic slasher Scream, and created in the spirit of Haloween. It's infection based with 1 alpha zombie, 15 survivors and 4 rounds that are each 5 minutes long.
    After you spawn it'll take 30 seconds until the killer (aka Ghostface) can enter the house and start his/her massacre. Players will be notified through a scream, followed by a loud thunder, so make sure to play with sound on. Ghostface can't be killed, the survivors only have one life, but can take three hits before dying. The survivors have the speed advantage, Ghostface can therefore launch at you from far away, so keep your distance!
    Make sure to play with the proper gametype, Slasher.

    Hiding spots:
    There are plenty of places to hide. Some are less obvious than others. I won't list them and leave it to you to discover. The best way to play the game as a survivor is to keep running and only using the hiding spots to evade the killer during a chase. Never stay at the same area for too long!

    Please give credit if someone wants to use the map for machinima projects. I came across many people who just don't give credit to the creators of the maps they use. Alot of time goes into maps, keep that in mind.

    Thank you:
    Special thanks to spartan blood 1 and NightAvenger01 for helping when I came across some issues.



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    sweet map, had fun playing on it
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