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  1. Randy 355

    Geist is my submission to the Ghost in the Shell Forge Contest. Geist won 1st Place out of nearly 100 submissions. Support for this map will continue, and improvements are still to be made based on feedback from the community! Gametype support may also expand, and there are even plans to try and get this working with Extermination!

    This map features the following weapons and powerups:
    Magnum (Tactical)
    Magnum (Gunfighter)
    Assault Rifle (Laser Sight)
    SMG (Silenced)
    Jorge's Chaingun (35% Ammo)

    If you like the Gnarled Tree and Spider Tank from my map, you may download them as prefabs below:
    Geist Spider Tank
    Geist Gnarled Tree

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Recent Reviews

  1. As a GITS contest judge I'm glad this one got it to the last. Since the first time I played Geist it got to my attention how it really carried me into the Lawless Zone of the GITS universe. Randy did a n ice job resembling the cyberpunk ambience, all without losing the track of creating an entertaining playable space. The lighting work is superb and the clever use aesthetics to merge them into playable and reference areas is what surely gave this map the thumbs up from Paramount. Nice job!


  1. ExTerrestr1al

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    I have only played this about 1.5 times, but it is a great map for Halo 5 FFA slayer!

    Unlike some of the other maps, which comparatively look just as good and unique as this one, this one actually plays very very well.

    Spawns were safe, and all areas of the map offered the right combo of protection/cover and useful angles of attack and visibility.

    Nice work!

    (FYI, it did cause my PC Forge to crash while playing, but another one did same thing shortly later, so it is probably not this map's fault)

    EDIT: I would recommend playing this w/o the weapon pads activated, as the chain gun even with 35% ammo, seems very OP especially if there aren't a lot of players on the map.
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  2. Randy 355

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    Thanks! I'm glad you like it! I'm still happy at how well it played after two weeks. I'm working on an update now to really polish it up and add gametype support.

    I think I might exclude the Chaingun in FFA in favor of another weapon. Any ideas on what you might like to see in its place?
  3. ExTerrestr1al

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    thanks for asking! I'd say so lon gas it is not an insta-kill, and something that cna be countered, it'll be fine.

    however, I did really think it was clever to place the chain gun where it wsa (upside down beneath the mech)

    maybe plasma caster or rail gun?

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