4v4 King of the Hill

Map Description

  1. Sir Veyza
    This map may be found on the MCC File Shares of either Sir Veyza or The Grim Dealer.

    Gauntlet is a symmetrical 4v4 map built for Slayer, KoH, Assault, and CTF. It was built with the intent of having fast-paced combat that gets you right into the action quickly. Back flanking paths provide options for players to get strong angles on their enemies, while the top middle catwalk provides strong over watch. A grav lift provides quick access to top mid, while below the chaotic cage houses an Overshield which can turn the tide of any fight.

Recent Reviews

  1. This map is a blast. What else is there to say other than to go play on it? The aesthetic is also a nice touch, as we all know H3 was cutting edge back in the day, but going back to it could kind of seem rather limited when compared to H5 forge. However, this map is bold, refreshing, and a pleasant design to see in Halo 3. Go play on the map and you will love it!


  1. The Grim Dealer

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    This map is dog
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  2. VeryHyped

    VeryHyped Rookie

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    This map is great, love it. I could easily see this in matchmaking.
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  3. D4rk

    D4rk Spartan II
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    Plays really well. Reminds me of something I would create!!! Solid CTF and the Hammer is LIT on here. Well done.
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  4. JurassicWeeMan

    JurassicWeeMan Spartan I

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    Absolutely wonderful map, I love how it plays and it is always good to see maps in H3 forge, as limited as it is compared to H5, that pull off a nice aesthetic in spite of limitations.
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