2v2 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Kreative
    It's been a while since last time I uploaded a new map, so I figured it's time for that. :)

    My goal for this map, was to make a some kind laboratory set in a really cold environment, that is really small in size. But make the map quite compact with many levels to make the map feel bigger than it actually is.

    The backgrund story for this map:
    In this laboratory the scientists are making really dangerous experiments with extreme hot temperatures and that’s the reason why the lab is set in this antarctic location. Unfortunately, no one really knows what kind of experiments the scientists are trying to make. One theory is, that the scientists are trying to make a portal that can teleport to other dimensions.

    While building this map:
    For some reason while I was building this map. The map remined me of Half Life 1, it’s probably because of the colors I’m using and the whole design of the map. It wasn't really the background story, I just feelt the whole vibe or something that remided me of Half Life 1. :)

    Standard weapons on map:
    4x Frag Grenades-30 seconds.
    3x Plasma Grenades-30 seconds.
    2x DMR-40 seconds.
    1x Battle Rifle-40 seconds.
    1x Tactical Magnum-40 seconds.

    Power Up/Weapons:
    1x Overshield-120 seconds.
    1x Hydra Launcher-90 seconds.
    1x Rocket Launcher SPNKr-90 seconds.
    1x Railgun-90 seconds.

    Here is a walkthrough for this map. Keep in mind, this is Frosty 1.00.1 (Not 1.00.2)

    And this is while work in progress. :)


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