Frontier (Grifball)

4v4 Grifball

Map Description

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    Dimensions are accurate to Halo 5 Grifball Specifications,
    with both Clamber and Jump ledges.
    There is a Green Initial and Re-Spawn Point for filming/streaming.

    A Grifball Stadium set in a mountainous region, with doors that open as players are launched into the arena.

    I started this project in Mid January after catching wind that there some Grifball related experiments being conducted, well before the new dimensions and specifications had been set. Trying to create believable seating without using stairs or making it oversized saw me quickly finding myself at object limit, and had to rethink a lot of my initial design methods to make the angled seating nearest the goals line up with the stairs properly. It was also longer and thinner than the established dimensions and lacked the clamber wall. One thing that has stayed since the original version are the launch platform rooms and their animated doors. After the dimensions were set with the release of Nokyard's Grifball Template, I was able to reduce the object count and nearly quadruple the seating, which vastly improved the stadium aesthetic. I had initially set it up so that it would function for multiple rounds, but removed that functionality when Grifball was released and was single round to save on budget for objects, only to find out that they wanted multi-round functionality (just in case) a few hours before Nokyard showed his list of maps to 343. After watching that stream, I found that I had to replace the Breakout textured floor with something less reflective and remove the yellow glow that enhanced the eternal sunset vibe that I had in mind originally so that player color wasn't as hard to discern at a distance. I also took the time to create a Ricochet version, with goals for running the ball in, with shields to stop throws, and "hoops" above them to create more dynamic gameplay, with run-ins weighted heavier for points. To add bit of flavor, I decided to tie the level in with Halo canon by placing it in a somehow unscathed mountainous region of Harvest after reclamation from the Covenant.

    1.2.0 UPDATE:
    After placement in matchmaking, it became apparent that there were issues with the timing of the doors and intro animations. I am still unaware if this was because of the settings I had went submitted, or if 343i edited my scripting and it was caused by that.

    More Info:
    Reddit Post

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