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  1. TrepidNiNjaZ3r0
    This is my final version of the Frigate class warship i would make. The ship is completely different from the previous ones, because i referenced real world frigates in the Navy. I wanted to make it look more realistic & more detailed. These Prefabs are props. They aren't drivable; However if you can find a way to drive them without issues, that would be cool.

    Here's the variants that i made:
    -Frigate MK.3
    -Frigate MK.3 (Hovering)
    -FrigateMK.3 (Furnishing)
    *Both versions are 255 objects each. The furnishing adds 205 objects to the ship.
    (Each Prefab is separate.)
    (Turrets are separate Prefabs.)

    The differences:
    The original version has the thrusters facing straight, & the Hovering version has the thrusters facing down, emulating that it's hovering in atmosphere.

    The interior:
    Both Prefabs are empty inside to not make frames dramatically drop; You can install the "FrigateMK.3 (Furnishing)". The interior feature was made due to requests.

    How to install the interior:
    When you spawn the furnishing, it's welded. The zeroed part is "Accent: Door". You need to use the magnet tool to be able to line the entire thing up. (As shown in the pictures above.) This is where you need to install the door. When installed, it's up to you if you want to combine the ship & interior, but this will cause frames to drop. You can ungroup the Prefab to make it better, maybe. It could be because there's so much objects in a gathered point.

    I apologize in advance, because the parts might shift when spawning the Prefabs.

    *The download link is for the default Frigate. The game type download is for the hovering version.

    *If you use the Halo 5 file browser, you can search "Odinkaar", "frigate", "frigate mk.3", or "ship". But you can always look up my file share.


  1. TrepidNiNjaZ3r0

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    This might be my final prefab; at least for awhile or longer. Thank you everyone who gave me feedback. I like to hear you guys use the Prefabs. Whether it's for a map, to RP, for inspiration, & to make Machinimas. If you wanna follow me on Tumblr or Instagram; to see my other projects; you're more than welcome to. My socials are under my GT "Odinkaar".

    Once again, thank you.

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