Map Description

  1. Mr Metal Man

    Freight takes place around a crashed container ship in open waters. There are 2 exclusive game modes made for the map. Sharkz! & Piratez!



    The underwater aspect of the map is made possible by using grids.
    The grids are just above the height level the game will allow before your player dies from going too low. Just above the grid is a 10 second soft kill boundry, which forces players to jump periodically to avoid the timer from reaching 0. This gives the infected (Sharks) the appearance of sharks jumping out of the water, as well as preventing the survivors from easily camping out in the waters.

    The ship has many areas to hide from the sharks. The bridge of the ship seems to be a hotspot for action. There is also an upstairs area as well as the roof itself. Technically this small map has 4 stories of action!

    There is also the main deck which has an array of shipping containers strewn about.

    The crane is at the opposite end of it all and is the best way to reach the highest ground.

    And don't forget the flooded bowels of the ship. Plenty of debris and places to hide. Hope you like close quarters combat!

    Game modes:

    Sharkz! is an infection variant in which a group of survivors fend off an onslaught of hungry sharks (blue zombies)

    Piratez! Is a free for all KOTH variant in which everybody fights for the hill in 1 of 5 main areas of the map. They are armed with a spiker, shotgun and jet pack.


    -On the main menu for Halo The Master Chief Collection, open your "Roster"
    -Select your gamertag
    -Select "Find Player"
    -Search for me: Mr Metai Man (Yes, that is an i)
    -Open my file share and download the map "Freight" & the game types "Sharkz!" & "Piratez!" (And download other stuff while you're there too, quality stuff to be found)
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