Freeze Thaw

1v1 Slayer

Map Description

  1. GrayishPoppy210
    "The ice cannot contain the fire below. Soon this place will be gone and all the secrets that it holds..."

    Please excuse the framerate issues (I'm working on it)

    Forgehub 1v1-
    Magnum starts
    No radar
    5 second respawn
    15 kills to win

    This frozen planet has only recently envoked interest among the UNSC after the discovery of some mysterious forerunner artifacts. However, it is likely to late. The unstable core has caused intense volcanic activity action the surface of the planet to the point that soon the planet will collapse in on itself in a fiery blaze taking all it secrets with it...

    This map is much larger than my other entry and in my opinion inferior (but it's up to the judges so we'll see). This map could also comfortably support a 2v2. The layout consists of multiple winding paths of various elevation around a central atrium (the volcano). The map does include many interesting encounters between layers of the map and there are also many trick jumps to help observant players cross the map with ease. You will likely find yourself engaging in many long range pistols fights but there is always a way to outsmart your oponent and strike from the shadows.

    These I will continue to work on in the coming couple of weeks while also attempting to reduce the frame rate and my physics budget (150%). The map is mostly terrain based, hence the large physics budget. The map features a snow covered landscape outside the volcano which transitions smoothly to the interior of the volcano. The lava is made using emmisives and along with the lighting gives the interior of the map and orange glow. The map also features some mysterious metallic alien aesthetics which I hope to expand upon.

    The map features a rocket which has been mixed with an arclight using the weapon pad glitch to create a rocket that must reload after every shot giving you oponent a chance to counter. It's found in the bottom mid of the map and spawns every 120seconds. I has 1 spare clip. So 2 shots total.
    There are also 2 BRs and 2SMGs on the map which each have a spare clip and 60 second respawn. Finally a plasma nade is found on each side of the map and can be useful for countering the rockets.

    Please test out the map and post any feedback below. Enjoy!


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