2v2 Slayer

Map Description

  1. ARC1T3CTZ
    This is a potato

    This map was a struggle to finish
    This map is love
    This map is hate
    This map is a 2V2
    This map has a snipe
    This map has the blood of Susan
    This map is annoying
    This map is fun
    This map took to long
    This map hurt my brain
    This map has some cool sh#÷
    This map is your inspiration
    This map has a few grenades
    This map has a parkor route
    This map has 2... 1 way teleporters
    This map is a potato my potato

    Try to spot the lonely spartan as he will take you on his enthusiastic journey, fear not , evan though he is alone he is not alone ahahah.
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  1. fireskullsmash2

    fireskullsmash2 ONI Agent

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    After reading the description, I'm have come to the conclusion this map has made you insane.
    Good work
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  2. ARC1T3CTZ


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    Oh yeh dude this map sent me bonkers.... was fun learning stuff along the way but just annoying the amount of times I remade the map lol .. in the end I gave up ahhaha aha
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