Foggy Streets

8v8 Custom

Map Description

  1. Mauimndz
    Map description:
    “Either above or below, there’s a battle in both.”
    Game type description:
    “Fast paced Big Team Battle gameplay.”

    Foggy Streets is a map made for the gamemode “Team Conquest” and focuses on an urban setting. This map isn’t inspired in any real battle so any resemblance is pure chance.

    On this map, there are two floors. The street and the subway, both of which the two teams have direct access to (this map is symmetrical so both teams have the same opportunity of winning).

    Team Conquest:

    The Team Conquest gametype focuses as the description suggests on fast paced BTB gameplay. Players
    aren’t expected to last long and normally die in two shots, they do have shields but they are normally a one-shot and don’t recharge.

    The match duration is fifteen minutes with no score limit. The team in the end of the match with the most kills wins.

    Feedback of the map can be sent to here on ForgeHub, my twitter (@mauimndzforge) or to my totally not “A bit much” e-mail (

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