Flying Millennium Falcon

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    This is a flyable version of my aesthetic Millennium Falcon (I've uploaded the purely aesthetic version as a separate map). Only difference between this & the purely aesthetic version is that this version has no interior (other than an inaccessible cockpit), and is of course welded to a banshee. If you want to see one with an interior, check out the aesthetic version.

    I wanted to call it Flyable Millennium Falcon, but that pushed it over the character limit for filenames, so I had to go with Flying instead.

    I welded over 800 forge objects to the banshee for this (846, to be precise). This was no easy task; in fact, along with the main "showcase" video, I also have an outtake video showing what happened on many of my attempts to weld the banshee.
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    Gonna show my Star Wars friends this later xD
    Good Job!

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