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  1. PUNISHER2510
    She be flushed. You must save her.

    How To Play:
    The game starts off with one survivor and the player must look down to control his/her character. His/Her task is to activate all the generators and save the girl. There are three slime cores that must be found and placed into the generator control systems. Two of the slime cores can be found by defeating the slime boss and the hydra boss. The other slime core is randomly hidden somewhere within the map. Once all cores are found and placed into the generators, the player must activate the computer to open the hatch. Once the hatch is open the player must enter the hatch to complete the game. The player must do all this while he/she is being attacked by the slimers, a.k.a. the infected.

    Game-play Mechanics:
    • The survivor MUST LOOK DOWN to see whats going on and control the character.
    • The map is very dark for the the survivor. The only light source is a small radius around the character and wherever there is slime.
    • The infected are equipped with plasma pistols and can zoom in to activate night vision (I have not tested this, but I know it works in forge)
    • The infected must find the character and SHOOT HIM, NOT THE ACTUAL PLAYER.
    • As the character takes damage, so does the player. The damage is reflected in increments of 25 to the players base health.
    • The player can also be damaged from the bosses.
    • Rooms can not be seen unless the player is in them, just like a top down adventure game.
    • The survivor can not jump. Therefore, some areas are blocked and the player must find another route.
    • The survivor's sprint has also been replaced with boosting. He/she may boost up to five times consecutively before waiting to recharge. This was done to imitate the tap to sprint mechanic.
    • To acquire weapons placed around the map, simply walk over them and they will move to you so you may equip them.
    • Sadly, rounds do not work. Be sure to have all players in the lobby before starting the match. Players may join during the match, but will not be given the chance to be the survivor.

    Player Count:

    2-12 players

    Mother Flusher Got
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    Hope you were able to sort out that lighting glitch
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    Thanks, yeah I was able to fix it somewhat
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