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  1. Sword of Malnok
    It's been a long time since I've made anything worth sharing on Forgehub, but after a great deal of scripting and debugging, I can now present my newest map: A battle against Perfect Chaos, the final boss of Sonic Adventure, but as seen in Sonic Generations.

    The idea for this map started by replaying my old battle against Perfect Chaos, which I created in 2017 before the Monitor's Bounty update came out. This resulted in some, uh, jank. Seeing this, I decided it was time for a fresh coat of paint, and I think this map delivers that.

    This isn't Sonic-esque gameplay this time: You and the rest of your squad must take down this beast with only your weapons. Bear in mind that the bigger your squad is, the more health Perfect Chaos will have (indicated by the team score).

    Here's a few more details:
    -His weak point is his head (indicated by a periodic waypoint).
    -Teams red through green fight while the other teams can watch from inside Chaos' mouth.
    -Join-ins work, though they will need to change teams after spawning: joiners get a new spawn order immediately after the initial spawn to align them with the current game progress. Again, bear in mind that the health meter increases with each squad member...(those inside the mouth do not count towards the health meter)
    -The fight consists of three phases on multiple levels of the building. You'll need to evacuate (indicated by waypoint) after each phase, as Chaos will begin to flood the floor and drown you if you don't get up to the next level.
    -Something neat I learned is that you can decrease team scoring while simultaneously increasing personal score; if you want to win, focus on not dying. Each death will cost you points.
    -I've tested this with a lobby of 4, but I have a feeling it can handle more players. I'd just be afraid of script stress and game-breaking problems occurring. I'll leave the max at 4 for now until I know otherwise. If you play this with 16 and it works just fine then let me know (I'll be very impressed).
    -There are a few more features in this battle, but those can be discovered by taking on Perfect Chaos yourself :)

    I'd like to point out that the sheer number of scripts in this boss battle stress the heck out of Halo 5's engine, so don't be surprised by the occasional bug. I've rooted out all of the major bugs (fairly certain) so whatever few remain will likely only make the boss a little bit easier. That being said, if something seriously wrong occurs to ruin the game, drop me a message on Xbox and I'll look into fixing it ASAP.

    I'd like to thank my good pal Reedemerdude for helping test all of the various scripts, as well as Murloc, A Squid Loaf, and DEATH WEAPONxx for testing as well.

    PS I can neither confirm nor deny that playing the boss battle theme "Open Your Heart" makes this battle more enjoyable. You'll just have to run it yourself. I didn't include any background music in the map for the sole purpose of being able to play your own music instead.


  1. Murloc

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    Boss fights are tight!
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  2. Shiningdragon7X

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    Looks awesome! We'll need to have another game night one of these days.

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