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  1. MrDeliciousman9
    " All paths lead here. All who make it this far transform into a new being born from the trials to get to this one spot. However, the journey is not yet complete and you must dive deeper into the dark. Beyond this point there is no difference between past and future. There is only existence."
    This is Firewall; an asymmetrical extermination map that was born out of my will to create my own universe. Gameplay takes place in interesting new world artificially made out of machines meant to mimic life.
    My gameplay goal was to make an interesting Extermination map that had some complexity. Gameplay is built off of how each area interacts with each other. I also tried to make each area balanced such as going for a weapon or a power position. Additionally, I strive to cycle players through the map. One way I do this is by making the power positions more situational as opposed to the obvious power positions on other maps. So, as a result, player positioning is key to how teams perform. Since this is an asymmetrical map, some areas are more powerful in certain situations but is never an end all be all strategy.
    Moreover, I chose to go with my own art. The art is loosely based on science fantasy. I felt that I had less creativity when I chose to mimic another art style. I'm realizing that the next step for forgers is to realize their own worlds and I challenge others to attempt it themselves.
    Anyways, I hope that you guys enjoy my map and continue to make awesome creations yourself. And any feedback is welcome.


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    Congrats on winning our recent Extermination Forge Contest! As a collective judge panel, we thought your map was quite special! You can read the article here: Extermination Forge Contest Results!
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