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  1. SoloXIII
    After a lengthy hiatus from Halo 5 and Forge, I'm releasing another map! Faultline is an ambitiously vertical, asymetric design that experiments with fewer walls, longer lines of sight, and more inter-level gunplay. The map is relatively large for its intended 1v1 player-count, but routing is kept intentionally simple, focusing on easy readability and gradual inclines that help to encourage movement. However, more experienced players will quickly discover a variety of shortcuts, nade-points, and sniper sight-lines that will help elevate their gameplay and improve their chances to dominate the competition.

    I hope everyone has as much fun playing on this map as I had building it. A huge thanks goes out to all the playtesters that played on here, along with those who were kind enough to brainstorm aesthetic changes and upgrades to help spice up the understandably monotone blockout.

    As usual, Seth was chief among these playtesters. A huge thanks to you for all the years of help. Even when we aren't co-forging, we're basically co-forging.


  1. Sethiroth

    Sethiroth Sensei
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    Its been a blast having you back. It was also fun playtesting the map like the good ole days. Even though there was some rage inducing moments that's for sure. Welcome back buddy and hope you stay for a little bit
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  2. SgtSlaphead

    SgtSlaphead Talented
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    This looks really cool great work!
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  3. AceOfSpades

    AceOfSpades Talented
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    Holy **** Solo is back forging? Map looks dope, love how cleanly designed it is.
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  4. Sikamikanico

    Sikamikanico Video Team #corruptstaff
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    Feedback alert:

    Basically one of my favourites maps from this contest so far. My only criticism (based purely on visuals) is the waterfall effect isn't great. I'd suggest white fade plasmas with water splashes for a better 'flowing water effect'.

    Other than that? Gorgeous map. I'm jelly.
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  5. SoloXIII

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    Thanks to everyone for the encouraging words.


    I'll see if I can't spruce it up a little bit. I was nervous to add the waterfall out there in the first place because that region of the skybox was creating performance drops on the previous versions of this design.

    If I can sneak some additional FX out there without negatively impacting the competitive experience, I'm all for it.
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  6. xzamplez

    xzamplez Promethean
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    Glad to see you back.

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