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    Welcome to Fastball: team elimination gameplay, but with a catch— the only way to kill is to score a direct hit with a Frag Grenade.

    Fastball Arena
    Waypoint Link

    Waypoint Link

    Both teams will spawn on their team’s colored platform. You cannot jump off your team’s platform, or get on the enemy team’s platform. A row of Frag Grenades spawn in the front of each platform. You’ll need these— they are your only weapon. They respawn pretty quickly, and you can hold 3 at a time, but you’re an easier target when you move forward to get one.

    You’ll need to score a direct hit with a frag grenade to kill an enemy. There’s no geometry on the map for the grenades to hit, so they’ll never explode. You still have full use of your Thruster Pack and other Spartan Abilities to aid in dodging enemy grenades.

    One you die, you are out for the round. Eliminate the enemy team to win the round. The first team to win four rounds wins.


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