Family Feud

Map Description

  1. Omogonix
    The Covenant and the Sangheili have went to battle in the Barrens. It's now over...
    This map is a scenery map that I started making almost a year ago now, and I haven't been working on it in the last long while and decided to finish up on it recently. I made this map mainly just to test my skills when it comes to making scenery in Forge, and I was hoping to improve my scenery-making skills.

    If there's one thing I love doing in Forge when making scenery, it's placing dead bodies around. Why? I don't know, I just love doing it. This map gave me the chance to let out my skills with dead body placement and since I wanted to place lots of dead bodies, I decided to make this map a sort of abandoned war-zone between the Covenant and the Sangheili.
    Family Feud isn't meant for multiplayer matches, as it's just a scenery map I made to test out my skills with scenery, so be sure to have fun and explore it! If you do want to have multiplayer matches on this map however, I might end up making a playable variant of the map in the future, or you could just place some spawns around your copy of the map and have matches like that.

    Take care,
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