Fallen Warrior

4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Soletare
    This 4v4 Arena Map was build on the canvas Barrens. It also has all the natural object of it.

    Like the most Arena maps, Fallen Warrior is symmetrical and has three height levels. The map structure is very similar to Fathom
    except it is smaller, more open and it is just axially symmetric and not square symmetric.

    Since this map is in the barrens, the top of the map is very hot and your screen gets heat waves, while on the lowest height is water and you will get an underwater screen effect, when you are underwater. The other parts of the map have the default screen colours and some dust particals.

    Besides this little features, there are also many other scripting events. When you shoot at the sword handle of the elite statue at the Hill, the elite statue will get an red electrical light.
    On the other side of the map is the Cave with a grunt statue. When you shoot the eyes, the grunt birthday effect appears. After seven seconds, you can shoot it again.
    Also, when you go underwater, you can hear the underwater sound, but after leaving the water again, you can't hear it.

    Noticeable is, that the map supports all gametypes (except the minigames). Every mode has it's own camera fades:
    • Slayer shows the weapons
    • Capture the Flag shows the flag spots
    • Strongholds shows all three terminal locations
    • Assault shows the ball activation areas
    • Breakout shows your own flag spot and the neutral one
    All Fiesta game modes can also be played perfectly on this map, even with 10 players or more. For Free-For-All there over 30 different start spawnpoints, which are all hided, so you can not be spawn trapped.
    But there are no plans for Multi-Team support, because the map is too open and too based on two bases, that it could make problems with spawning (already tested).

    On my last map Lost Cartograph were two secret weapons, which were hard to get or even find. Now on Fallen Warrior, there is just one weapon, namely Vorpal Talon (Advanced Energy Sword that provides additional thruster hangtime and two thruster evades per cooldown).
    It stucks in one of the four high rocks of the middle, where also an dead elite body is.
    To get it, you have to shoot the sword handle of the elite statue. After that, a metallic impact sound plays and the statue starts to glow for two minutes. In that time, two small and invisible platforms spawn at the rock with the sword. The first one is on the wall and the second one is over the edge of the Upper Lane. After jumping on it, you just have to jump on the first rock step you see. Do this two times again, you are on the top and you can pick up the sword.
    But beware! The area is very open and everyone can see you. You also can just leave it with the way you climbed up, because the invisible walls stop you from spartan charging the other spartans on the ground.
    When Vorpal Talon has no energy left and it completly despawns, a Kraken Horn sound appears, which should signal the other spartans, the sword is not anymore there.

    I hope you like the map. Please feel free to give me feedback, so the map gets better and better.

    Enjoy playing, Spartan!
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