Extraterrestrial Contact


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  1. Generai PUG
    *Hold out in an abandoned shed against the alien invasion*

    : Generai PUG
    GT: ExtraSpicyMemes
    : Extraterrestrial Contact
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    : Extraterrestrial Contact


    *About the map*
    So here's how it works, all you have to do is hold out in the shed till the end of the round. The shed is armed with some basic weaponry and a couple stations which include a med pack station, a damage boost station, and a rebuild station. The shed is surrounded by a crop circle which the infected spawn in. Also its where u may locate power weapons to try and bring back to the shed for a better chance at victory.

    *NOTE* Whenever an infected enters the shed a blue glowing aura will appear. This indicates an intruder.

    Alpha Aliens- You are armed with a storm rifle, sentinel beam and 1 splinter grenade. You are also semi camouflaged for ambush abilities in the corn field .

    Alien Minions- You are armed with a sentinel beam and a carbine. You may be weak but you do posses a dangerous precision weapon.

    Humans- You start off with an assault rifle and smg with limited ammo. You must rely on the shed for basic ammo and weapons. You may also try your best to gather power weapons from the corn field to get a better chance at winning.


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    any Alien abortion doe?
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    This is brilliant! :D
    *Puts on serious Face and reloads shotgun as I load up the Map*

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