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  1. Sins of Truth
    Well after all these months I'm back.
    Here's a little aesthetic map for you.

    Exesus, based within a Forerunner garden, is a small aesthetic map built for the simple pleasure of being kind on the eyes. No reason for creating the map, just felt like it. Enjoy.

    Q: Can you interact with anything?
    A: Yes, you can move your thumb sticks and walk around.

    Q: Why don't you have boundaries?
    A: It's an aesthetic map, not a church. I'm not going to control what you do, the only person missing out if you get out the map is... well you.

    Q: What's the name mean?
    A: Honestly can't remember it's been so long. It's Latin I think?

    Q: You gunno stick around?
    A: Of course, just life got in the way was all.


  1. ARC1T3CTZ

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    Bro that video is really nice ..good looking Map man..peace
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  2. Sins of Truth

    Sins of Truth ONI Agent

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    Thanks man, appreciate it. :yes:

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