2v2 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Kreative
    Excavation is a remix from a map I built in Halo Reach and that is my favourite map during that time. So I decided to make a remix of the map, the first version I made is very similar of the original with some changes. Because of being so similar, it will cause some problems in Halo 5. Thats because Halo 5 has a different movement system and that makes the map feels clunky and cramped.
    (The first remake is called Quarry)​

    So this time I really tried to optimise the map for Halo 5 movements, also make the whole map use full. I’m also trying to mix both Bungies and 343 Industries Forerunner art style and combine them together and make it look original. But I’m still not quite satisfied how it looks yet, but I’m trying to make it look as good as possible.

    The map it self is a symmetrical Forerunner map that is focused for causal players when it comes to weapons and competitive when it comes to movements. There are different Power Weapons for some gametypes.

    Weapons on Map

    Battle Rifle [Long Barrel] 2x
    Suppressor 2x
    SMG [Silencer] 1x
    Assault Rifle [Knight Blade] 1x
    DMR [Kinetic Bolts] 1x

    Frag Grenades 2x
    Plasma Grenades 4x
    Splinter Grenades 2x

    Power Weapons / Power-Ups

    Sniper Rifle 1x (Slayer, Captuer the Flag)
    Binary Rifle 1x (Oddball)
    Overshield 1x (Strongholds, Assault)

    Scattershot 1x (Slayer, Standard CTF)
    Sentinel Beam 1x (Strongholds, Neutral Flag)
    Grenade Launcher 1x (Oddball, Assault)
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