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Map Description

  1. Skyward Shoe
    Excavation is a heavy BTB map designed for CTF and Extraction. The map is set in an abandoned mining facility with a large cavern in the middle and paths and buildings around the outside. The map is rotationally symmetric with only a few minor aesthetic details between the two sides. Each team has a Ghost, Rocket Warthog, and a Mantis at or near their base. Primary weapons are placed on map, along with frag and plasma grenades.
    <div>For the best gameplay experience, please use game modes that do not feature personal ordnance or personal load outs. The map was carefully constructed around the weapons on the map, and any additional power weapons will throw off the balance of the match. If you are looking for a game mode to use, any of the ones found <a class="externalLink" target="_blank">here</a> will work nicely. <div> <div>Feel free to leave thoughts, comments, and feedback .

Recent Reviews

  1. FINALLY you get a feature!!! This map is really great and balanced. I've played extraction, Slayer, I believe CTF on it and I got to say; great Job Shoe. The over all layout for each type of competitive criteria is different so much that the each part of map gets it's fair share of game-play in at least one of the three categories of game-types that the map was designed for. That mantis, it can be really used to the players advantage, if done right, but isn't to over powering to the point that if you organize an attack you can easily take it down. On this map, even if the teams are unbalance it doesn't feel frustrating with loosing. It's just an enjoyable playing experience and one doesn't get annoyed at the unbalance that certain maps can seem to give when you are in this position of un-balanced teams. Great work Shoe can't wait for the next map of yours.


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